Monday, March 23, 2009

First Barbecue

Last Saturday was a wonderful day. Not only was the weather extremely pleasant, but also we were hosting some very special company; therefore, in honour of these two occasions, it was finally time to dig out the charcoal barbecue.

And dig it out, we did. (Well, Jeff did). Notice the giant block of ice thrown off the porch to make room for our Weber. We knew the hard work would be worth it, in the end.

To get back into the groove of barbecuing after a long winter, we decided to start off the new season with a simple menu: burgers, sausages, and hotdogs. Classic, simple, and satisfying.

However, it still wasn’t just any other barbecue; Jeff seasoned, mixed up, and formed the hamburger patties out of fresh ground beef from the local Stephen Taylor farm, while the local Degenhardt Sausage Farm supplied the chorizo sausage and German vieners (which are very similar to what we know as hot dogs, only without any unrecognizable ingredients). What better way is there to show someone that you appreciate their visit, than by cooking them such quality products?

Add in some fixings, crispy potatoes, and creamy coleslaw, and you have some extremely happy (not to mention stuffed) diners. It was a fantastic spring weekend meal, and an exciting preview of summer.

Welcome back, barbecue; it’s been far too long. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in the next few months.


  1. are there any leftovers?? I'll be right over! I can't wait to have a big kick-ass BBQ!

  2. There were lots of leftovers, but they disappeared the next day!

    Me, neither! :)

  3. Yum! How were the chorizo? I'm in search of actual good ones!

  4. I like them a lot. They're nice and flavourful, and spicy without being hot. They're the only ones I've ever had though, so I can't comment on their authenticity. I'm sure you'd know better than I do! :)

  5. I'll try them! Thanks :)