Monday, August 10, 2009

The Joy of Leftovers: Sunday Brunch Hash

My sister was up for a visit last week, and I made her a potato salad. I absentmindedly boiled almost double the amount of potatoes that I needed, so I had quite a bit of leftover quartered red potatoes in my fridge.

When Sunday morning came along, I was a bit gloomy because my sister had left; therefore, I decided to cheer myself up by taking those potatoes and making something delicious and comforting: a potato hash.

I chopped up an onion and a green pepper, and sliced some cremini mushrooms. I then sauteed the onion and mushrooms in some butter, until softened. My kitchen smelled wonderful, and already I felt rejuvenated.

In went the potatoes, that I mashed into the pan. Since I like my potatoes with a bit of a crunch to them, I really wanted them to crisp up in the butter and form a crust on the bottom.

Once the potatoes had warmed through, I mixed in the chopped green pepper and some crumbled bacon, along with salt and freshly cracked pepper, and garlic powder.

As if all that wasn't enough in the way of comfort, I decided that my hash would need some cheese; I settled on grating a block of old cheddar, to provide a bit of sharpness.

I sprinkled the cheese all over the hash, and then set my oven-proof skillet under the broiler for a few minutes. When I removed the bubbly hash from the oven, there was a gasp of delight from my audience (Jeff). It was quite a sight!

It was hard to restrain myself from digging in and eating my brunch right off of the stove, but I had even bigger plans in mind; I topped my hash with a fried egg (I was aiming for over-easy, but I got distracted. Does anyone else find that timing breakfast dishes is one of life's biggest challenges?)

This hash was just what I needed to pick me up on a Sunday. The potatoes were so creamy, yet crispy and browned on the bottom. The onion and mushrooms were soft and fragrant, while the green pepper remained crunchy, and, along with the crispy bacon, improved the overall texture of the hash. Finally, the bubbly cheese just knocked this hash out of the park.

Trashy? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely! Sometimes, that's all that matters.


  1. This is awesome!! I've never made a hash-just homefries! And I too have trouble timing breakfast-it's the one meal of the day that I get self-conscious about when I cook for others!

  2. Hi Kris! Miss you too! This dish is thanks to you. :)

    Thanks, AndreaQ! I totally understand! I lack a lot of confidence when it comes to hosting breakfast, as well. It just doesn't work out! I guess I need more practice. :)

  3. trashy???? I think not!!! I'm definately going to try this latest creation. Did you share with Jeff?? LOL

  4. Oooo! I like the sound of this! I'm definitely going to make a version of your hash very soon. :) Mmm!

  5. Hey Mom and Dino! Let me know how your versions turn out. :)

  6. What a pretty, pretty hash! I'm so glad you added the cheese. ;)

  7. Hi Dragon! Thanks! There isn't much that makes it out of my kitchen without cheese. :)

  8. We made a pretty decent replication of this hash for brunch today, and it was really yummy! Thank you for the idea!